Riders on the storm

“Warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another life. The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for good of others. The task is to take care of the elderly, the defenceless, those who can not provide […]

People of the South

We have been living in Kommetjie for 5 years. It is a small community nestled between a mountain and the ocean. On the surface it looks like a sleepy tourist and surfers spot. No matter what the weather is, the parents and the children are making the best of adventures in the ocean and its […]

Ocean View Bicycle Initiative Collaboration

Communities Wellness Solutions is based in Ocean View, South Peninsula, South Africa. This bicycle initiative was started by Jimmy James. Initially it was only a few children that Jimmy took out for fun rides but as the years passed, it started evolving into an after school and holidays program where over 30 children per day […]

Ocean View Organic Farmers Harvest

“Join us in developing a prosperous and sustainable farm that supports good livelihoods, builds community unity and boosts local food and nutrition security, with a particular focus on youth.” – Ocean View Organic Farmers Today I spent time with Sophia Grodes, the project liaison for Ocean View Organic Farmers. She and the crew showed me […]

Wonderbag in soup kitchens

“Recipe for change” – Sarah Collins, founder of Natural Balance Global, Wonderbag For the last few weeks I have spent days in Ocean View and Masiphumelele collaborating with inspiring people that are volunteering endless hours of work to make a change in lives of their own community and their neighbourhoods during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Today […]

South Peninsula Soup Kitchens

” I am a mom of 4 and take care of my disabled aunt. We are altogether a family of 8 living in this home. Before COVID-19 I started feeding 72 children from my neighbourhood and due to the lockdown, I now feed approximately 346 children and adults. I supply two meals daily. In the […]

Ocean View Organic Farmers

“We need to ensure ongoing access to nutritious food in our community. Our aim is to help organisations and families access fast growing nutrition on their doorstep” – Ocean View Organic Farmers In December 2019 Neighbourhood Farm, with help of the community, established an agricultural training hub in Ocean View, South Peninsula, South Africa. By […]

Communities Wellness Solutions

This is a story about a community, about a man’s faith in his community and how we met. In 2017 I had total bilateral hip replacement surgery, I was born with a disorder where at age 42 both my thigh bones were cut off and replaced with a mechanism. It would take me altogether two […]

Green children

It was an early morning 8 years ago. I am standing in Oude Molen, Pinlands, waiting for Misha to arrive. A small Buckie pulls up and two young people get out, they unlock the wire fenced gates, load up a few donated trees and bags of soil into the back of the Buckie and onto […]

Nelson Mandela Day with Noah

The Noah Project consists of three main aspects – housing, health and social centres for many grandparents in South Africa. Noah provides homes and builds friendships. I spent a day with Marie Claire magazine plus Nexus Transport and Public works capturing their celebrations with the Noah residents. more on Noah Project Credits: Video: “Winter Lady” / […]