How to play like a child

Our daughter is almost two and in this short space of time I have realised she is the toughest human I know. She is always falling but keeps trying the same thing until she succeeds. When she comes across something new she doesn’t reject it and in her alien language tries to communicate back. There is no closed doors, everything can be turned into a play and she looks for new things to learn every day. She rocks her scateboard side to side just to see if she can balance on it and when she succeeds she laughs with happiness. I wish I had her ability to love unconditionally, I wish I could look at the world with as much thirst for knowledge as she does.

“Forget what you look like in public. Play more often. Keep chalk in your pocket. Lie down on sidewalks with a friend who giggles. Surround yourself with a circle of fabulous, talented, funny, loving friends and family, both family of choice and of origin. Be imperfect. Refuse to quit. Dare to do it badly, but just do it. Creative mistakes you must make, creative actions you must take. Grant yourself permission to share your truth. Make a shape or squiggle, let it reveal itself. Add whatever lines are necessary to make it known, then write the name under the shape. There is only one of you, your creativity is limitless.” – Sark

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Video: My Neighbour Totoro / Hayao Miyazaki / You Tube

Article: Kristina Stojiljkovic

Quote:  from a book called “Ways to free your creative spirit” / Sark

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Photography: Kristina Stojiljkovic

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