Helpful Tips

How do we book ?

Send me an email or use the contact page and we take it from there.

For weddings and couple shoots, 50% deposit retainer and a signed contract will secure your dates.

What are your rates ?

Submit the form on the contact page and I will send you the packages with detailed information.

How long does it take until I receive my photos ?

Every shoot is different, from fashion magazines to weddings. The commercial work has a fast turnover due to the nature of the industry. But each wedding and couple shoot requires its own personal attention to detail and time. Expect to receive your photos within 6-8 weeks for a wedding or a couple shoot. For your coffee table books allow extra two weeks to be printed.

How many images will I receive ?

This depends on the nature of the shoot and the package that you choose. For couple shoot, portraits and portfolio: an average of 150-300 photos. For weddings: an average of 400-800 photos.

Why couple shoot/engagement shoot ?

Its a fun way to celebrate your love, to capture the precious moments before your big day, its a way to transition together from one stage of your life into the next. Also its an opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of the lens and a great way for us to meet.

Once the camera is out what do we do ?

I advise couples to look within their own lives. Choose a place, an activity or pull out of cupboards things that are dear to you both. If you are a baker, make a mess in the kitchen together or if you are a hiker lets go up a mountain, if you want to just sit still in each others arms and listen to your favourite music or bring your kids and dogs to the beach for a play, its all perfect, because its all yours. My camera and I will be there to capture your memories.

What are the best times of the day to shoot ?

A photograph can tell a full story in just one image. You feel like you are there, warmth of the sun, the smell of the forest or the cold rain drops in the air. Its all because of the atmosphere created by the light and a moment captured at just the right time. So yes, the time of the day is very important, especially when shooting outdoors. Best time is early mornings and late afternoons when the light is softest. This can be a helpful tip for couples when planing the wedding schedules for the family and couple portraits.