Mark Van Wijk

“Whale, sing to me whale, sing me a songtell me that things will never go wronghide me away, don’t let them stay I’ve been swimming for a thousand years and I’veseen more than you can realizebut I accept that you will never understandso I will gladly take your hand” -Yellow Ostrich   Whales are conscious […]

Fin Manjoo

“A door which opened the way beyond perception” – Woodwind, Fin Manjoo Sitting in their eclectic home, chatting to the local artist, it is what I feel when I am in the presence of Fin and Ivana. A calm silence. When the conversation starts, a new door is opened to their lifestyle, their pasts, creative […]

Belt and Band

I love photojournalism. The waiting, finding and seeing special moments, that can often only be in existence as quick as a few seconds and then lost forever. There is beauty in that thrill of knowing it is possible to capture it, for it to be immortalised, to be shared and cherished. And having the double […]

The Shred Days

Ollie is wearing a checked bandanna and totally in tune with all the boys on skateboards, weaving through from one ramp to another. This place is chock a block on weekends and I’m lucky to walk in on a chilled day. Jean-Mark Johannes is having a quite tuesday training session. Ayrton Senna Monckton smashes a […]

Inspired by clay

“From the muddy river banks of the Transkei, playing with clay making bulls and cows, to being a fully qualified ceramic designer, Chuma’s career has come a long way.” – Elle Decor Magazine I arrived early for the Elle Decor photo shoot with Chuma Maweni. The studio, Art In The Forest, set amongst tall trees […]

A collaboration

1981, in Serbia, I am hiding behind the cow shed with a collection of flowers I picked from my grandmothers garden. There is a scrap book with petals between the pages and a rock on top to press them dry. Next to the book is a glass bottle with murky liquid I squeezed out of […]

Our fashion icons

Its a morning like any other, winter sun is out and its the perfect light for a photo shoot. Today I photograph a few of our own fashion icons for some magazine stories. Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit meet me in their shop in Cape Town centre to do the shoot for Elle […]