Naibor Camp – Masai Mara

Just before the night fall, after a long drive on the dirt roads in an open Land Rover, we arrive at the Naibor campsite. A deep guttural roaring comes from the Masai Mara grasslands. The Naibor campsite is in the heart of Kenya’s National Game Reserve. At my tent, a tall man dressed in a […]

Bicycles are changing lives in Africa

“Having traveled to over 50 countries around the world, I’ve seen firsthand the impact a bicycle can have on a farmer, community health worker, teacher and school-aged child. Bicycles give their owners mobility, empowerment, and access. It is not a hyperbole to say that bicycles can change the world. Thousands of children spend hours walking […]

Education in Africa

It is beautiful what can be achieved with a strong will and help from forward thinking people. I love this movie. It is based on a true story about Kimani Maruge, an 84 year old Kenyan farmer. Maruge is the oldest person to attend primary school. He was invited to present a speech before the international […]

Lamu Kenya

Flying in from Cape Town and leaving behind all that goes with the city living, I was happy to be walking in the quite and incredibly narrow streets of Lamu. Sonya and I spent a day mingling with the Old Lamu town people and donkeys that are everywhere. Children going to school, woman hanging up […]

Kizingoni Beach

How awesome is this story of Laura Dekker, a young inspiring girl with an incredible spirit! Youth is not waisted when it’s given an opportunity to express itself and the trust and guidance to follow dreams. It is in our human nature to want to learn and explore. Traveling is an adventure and an education […]

The wild KwaZulu Natal

North KwaZulu Natal remains almost untouched since the first Mozambique fisherman tribes settled in this area few hundred years ago. Their method of fishing has been passed down the generations. Still today, the fisherman collect mangrove wood to make the sticks out of them and build their spiral fish traps in the lakes of Greater […]

Kalk Bay mussels

I don’t know if you had the legendary mussels at Kalk Bay based “Olympia cafe” but since the first time I tried them few years ago, I cant get enough, love them till my belly aches. And how beautiful is our coastline jotted with little gems like Kalk Bay. Its a mini holiday with walks […]