Our fashion icons

Its a morning like any other, winter sun is out and its the perfect light for a photo shoot. Today I photograph a few of our own fashion icons for some magazine stories.

Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit meet me in their shop in Cape Town centre to do the shoot for Elle Decor magazine. The reputation of Malcom Kluk designs is widely know in South African fashion circles for all its feminine glamour. Their shop, in the heart of Cape Town city, is as stylishly decorated with touches of vintage glamour. Very proffesional and down to earth, both Malcolm and Christiaan make it easy for me to capture all of that in one story.

In the afternoon I drive out to Stellenbosch to Salon58. Jackie Burger is a former fashion editor of Elle Magazine and our Cape Town fashion and style icon. Her latest venture Salon58 has the grace and charisma displayed in all the senses. Woman from around Africa get together to smell, taste, see, learn and experience everything that makes us feel like a woman. Its a day of flowers, hats, food, shoes and make up. Feminine voices and laughter all around me in this creative space, Salon58.

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Video: “Fashion” / David Bowie / You Tube

Article: Kristina Stojiljkovic

Links: Malcolm Kluk / Jackie Burger

Photography: Kristina Stojiljkovic

Magazine: photos published in Elle Decoration