Green children

It was an early morning 8 years ago. I am standing in Oude Molen, Pinlands, waiting for Misha to arrive. A small Buckie pulls up and two young people get out, they unlock the wire fenced gates, load up a few donated trees and bags of soil into the back of the Buckie and onto our laps, then we drive off. It felt exciting, we were on our way to a school to teach children how to plant and take care of trees.

From the humble beginnings until today, Green Pop has planted over 90 000 trees. I came across Misha through a young group of people who all did their bit to take part in the communities.

There are hundreds of people from all walks of life helping make a change to children’s lives and to our environment. People like you and me, with jobs, children and very little time. One tree is not much to one person, but counting them all together, its a whole forest. There is a new generation of children learning to grow edible gardens, plant and take care of trees, love their own being and others through yoga.

This experience 8 years ago, has inspired me in the way I raise my own little girl today.

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Video: Green Pop Reforest Fest / Satya Media / You Tube

Article: Kristina Stojiljkovic

Links: Green Pop / Earthchild / Oude Molen

Photography: Kristina Stojiljkovic