Ocean View Organic Farmers Harvest

“Join us in developing a prosperous and sustainable farm that supports good livelihoods, builds community unity and boosts local food and nutrition security, with a particular focus on youth.” – Ocean View Organic Farmers

Today I spent time with Sophia Grodes, the project liaison for Ocean View Organic Farmers. She and the crew showed me around the farm. We took a look at the system involved to grow their vegetables from seeds to harvesting. 

The OV Organic Farmers members are involved in the full process from beginning till the end and make sure there is no waist. Underground water is pumped into the tanks and distributed throughout the garden with a simple pipe irrigation system. The land is fed with mulch supplied by a local recycling site that shreds foliage and then is worked by the local community members to nourish the ground and keep a healthy eco system. The ripe produce is hand picked, washed and packed in recycled boxes to be delivered to clients and to feed the local community.

The beauty of the Ocean View Organic Farmers system is:

  • fresh nutrient packed produce straight from the garden to the table: cost effective and affordable sun ripened produce, no loss of nutrients through impact of transportation, storage and retail shelf storage, low carbon footprint 
  • community feeding scheme: Ocean View Organic Farmers donate boxes with vegetables and freshly baked bread to Home From Home, Open Door Valley Development Trust, Senior Club and Rasta Camp 
  • after school initiative: the garden is based on the Ocean View High School grounds and all children are welcome to learn new skills and enjoy outdoor activities
  • job opportunities: keeping the community working in a healthy outdoor environment, building unity and pride while seeing their hard work come to fruition
  • building good relationships and supplying near by communities: the garden has capacity to support the community needs as well as build business relationships with companies such as “Pesto Princess” 
  • a self sustainable system that supports a healthy lifestyle for its own community and everyone that shares their vision of growing nutritious food to grow healthy minds. 

The Ocean View Organic Farmers journey started in Dec 2019,  background story in the article “Ocean View Organic Farmers“. In a relatively short space of time, due to the full commitment, hard work and perseverance of the community members and help from the volunteers and NGOs, this prosperous garden has grown from strength to strength. The crew has many exciting projects in the pipeline to evolve this initiative and contribute towards the upliftment of the community and the society in all its beauty. 

To collaborate or contribute towards the projects contact Ocean View Organic Farmers



Thank you Ocean View Organic Farmers crew for participating in the interview and photoshoot with Love & Rockets 

Video: Odette Van Rensburg , Dogs On The Run Productions

Quote: Sophia Grodes , Ocean View Organic Farmers

Article: Kristina Stojiljkovic

Photography: Kristina Stojiljkovic