The Shred Days

Ollie is wearing a checked bandanna and totally in tune with all the boys on skateboards, weaving through from one ramp to another. This place is chock a block on weekends and I’m lucky to walk in on a chilled day. Jean-Mark Johannes is having a quite tuesday training session. Ayrton Senna Monckton smashes a few muffins into the Eiland Eatery oven just before he does a gnarly footjam at The Shred‘s 9month old baby, the South Africa’s first custom made precision concrete skate bowl built by California Skatepark’s Africa. Amongst them skateboarding, I get a chance to take a few snaps of Jonathan Jomba, Tanner Matodes, Robert Glover, Tyler Kirstein and Euvrard Loubser. Euvrard, Ev, has the best of both worlds, he is an editor, producer, involved in many media and marketing projects and he does it all in his office at The Shred.

After a few shots, I walk through to the coffee shop and bump into The Shred boys catching up with the daily grind. The owners, Jamie O’Brien, Marc Guy Baker and James Plumstead, aka Jack the manager, are working on a new ramp site in Cape Town, so I can’t believe I manage to catch them all in one spot to hear the story of The Shred.

Marc and Jamie have been skating and building ramps for over 20 years. They are involved in many aspects of skateboarding. Jamie is the owner of Woody Ramps, Dope Industries Clothing, Got Skills agency and produces skateboarding films. For past few years Marc has been working with California Skateparks for X Games, Vans Park Series, Dew Tour, Street League and recently he obtained license rights for California Skateparks Africa, ahead fo the 2020 Olympics. Skateboarding has just been included in the 2020 Olympic Games. The Olympic committee has expressed a lot of interest in developing the sport in Africa, companies are investing large amounts of money into the growth of the sport and its infrastructure.

The Shred is working on a development program with MyDunoon youth centre, utilising the facilities to integrate and uplift the disadvantaged youth through skateboarding, teaching skills with cameras, film, editing, designing and building skateboard ramps.

Pop over for a day at The Shred in Paarden Eiland on 31st August for the “Cheap as Chips” market to catch some awesome skateboarding, few BMX riders, grab a bite to eat and buy rad clothing. Catch you on the flip side.

The Shred

Cheep as Chips Market

All Things on Media and Editing catch Euvrard Loubser

Check out some awesome videos:

Winter Jam at the Shred 2018

Skateboard Kings

Dogtown and the Z Boys

Z – Flex, The Begining


Thanx to all the boys for participating in the Love & Rockets lifestyle:

Jamie O’Brian, Marc Guy Baker, James Plumstead, Euvrard Loubser, Jean-Mark Johannes, Ayrton Senna Monckton, Jonathan Jomba, Tanner Matodes, Robert Glover and Tyler Kirstein

Video: Dogtown and Z Boys / You Tube

Article: Kristina Stojiljkovic

Links: The Shred / Euvrard Loubser / The Shred Winter Jam  / Skateboard Kings / Dogtown and the Z boys / ZVP Z – Flex , The Beginning

Photography: Kristina Stojiljkovic