Beauty and the beasts on our beaches

We have some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. I love walking on the long white sand dunes of the Noordhoek beach. If I manage to get out there by 7am, I get the feeling of being somewhere wild, the sand has been washed by the ocean and no footprints left from the day […]

Farms to pick your own fruit and make a pie

Nothing sweeter then childhood memories around great grandma Katarina’s kitchen table eating fresh fruit and pie. At age 80 something, Katarina lived on her own in Klenovnik, a little place in Serbia. She had a small vegetable garden in front of her small house. And in her house she had a table so large there […]

They move in mysterious ways

I am not a natural mom. I am a dreamer, an idealist, a romantic at heart and always on the go. Since 16 I have immersed myself into photography. Traveling, long working hours and the upbeat tempo of my industry left no room for children. I made no excuses for being in my 40’s and still […]

Green children

It was an early morning 8 years ago. I am standing in Oude Molen, Pinlands, waiting for Misha to arrive. A small Buckie pulls up and two young people get out, they unlock the wire fenced gates, load up a few donated trees and bags of soil into the back of the Buckie and onto […]

10 tips on how to travel easy

In past 40 years I lived in 6 and traveled through 21 countries, then found my home in Cape Town. Within these years of travel I have made many mistakes and learned the hard way. After each trip I made the list of important things to do when traveling more compact. This is my list […]

The one and only This is a tongue in cheek recipe to go with our One and Only lunch. 1 whole grass fed beef tongue 3 pounds of grass fed beef cheeks 2-3 tablespoons Chili  Kosher salt Freshly ground pepper 4 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 tablespoons bacon grease Fleur de sel   Dust the beef tongue and cheek with chilli, salt […]

Inspired by clay

“From the muddy river banks of the Transkei, playing with clay making bulls and cows, to being a fully qualified ceramic designer, Chuma’s career has come a long way.” – Elle Decor Magazine I arrived early for the Elle Decor photo shoot with Chuma Maweni. The studio, Art In The Forest, set amongst tall trees […]

A collaboration

1981, in Serbia, I am hiding behind the cow shed with a collection of flowers I picked from my grandmothers garden. There is a scrap book with petals between the pages and a rock on top to press them dry. Next to the book is a glass bottle with murky liquid I squeezed out of […]

The wild KwaZulu Natal

North KwaZulu Natal remains almost untouched since the first Mozambique fisherman tribes settled in this area few hundred years ago. Their method of fishing has been passed down the generations. Still today, the fisherman collect mangrove wood to make the sticks out of them and build their spiral fish traps in the lakes of Greater […]

Kalk Bay mussels

I don’t know if you had the legendary mussels at Kalk Bay based “Olympia cafe” but since the first time I tried them few years ago, I cant get enough, love them till my belly aches. And how beautiful is our coastline jotted with little gems like Kalk Bay. Its a mini holiday with walks […]