Mark Van Wijk

“Whale, sing to me whale, sing me a songtell me that things will never go wronghide me away, don’t let them stay I’ve been swimming for a thousand years and I’veseen more than you can realizebut I accept that you will never understandso I will gladly take your hand” -Yellow Ostrich   Whales are conscious […]

The Shred Days

Ollie is wearing a checked bandanna and totally in tune with all the boys on skateboards, weaving through from one ramp to another. This place is chock a block on weekends and I’m lucky to walk in on a chilled day. Jean-Mark Johannes is having a quite tuesday training session. Ayrton Senna Monckton smashes a […]

Beauty and the beasts on our beaches

We have some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. I love walking on the long white sand dunes of the Noordhoek beach. If I manage to get out there by 7am, I get the feeling of being somewhere wild, the sand has been washed by the ocean and no footprints left from the day […]

Farms to pick your own fruit and make a pie

Nothing sweeter then childhood memories around great grandma Katarina’s kitchen table eating fresh fruit and pie. At age 80 something, Katarina lived on her own in Klenovnik, a little place in Serbia. She had a small vegetable garden in front of her small house. And in her house she had a table so large there […]

Uprising – local hot blogs to follow

I love a good book, traveling, fresh produce, cheesecake from Imhoff Farm, Jiva Spa Indian Therapy , LP’s, a long walk in nature  and recently developed an interest in local blogs. I have lived in Africa over 20 years now and keep finding many small and hidden treasures through my line of work. I have photographed […]

Green children

It was an early morning 8 years ago. I am standing in Oude Molen, Pinlands, waiting for Misha to arrive. A small Buckie pulls up and two young people get out, they unlock the wire fenced gates, load up a few donated trees and bags of soil into the back of the Buckie and onto […]

Miguel & Odette

Few months back we figured out how long we all know each other. Miguel and I studied together. Odette, I met through photography first year I got to Cape Town. Few decades later our kids are hanging out together. Life is rad but even better to share it with ever growing families and friends. Friendships […]

All things East ” My mother always said my sister, Satsu was like wood. As rooted to the earth as a sakura tree….But she told me I was like water….Water can carve its way through stone. And when trapped, water makes a new path. ” – Memoirs of a Geisha After reading the book “Memoirs of a […]

10 tips on how to travel easy

In past 40 years I lived in 6 and traveled through 21 countries, then found my home in Cape Town. Within these years of travel I have made many mistakes and learned the hard way. After each trip I made the list of important things to do when traveling more compact. This is my list […]

How to play like a child Our daughter is almost two and in this short space of time I have realised she is the toughest human I know. She is always falling but keeps trying the same thing until she succeeds. When she comes across something new she doesn’t reject it and in her alien language tries to communicate back. […]