Beauty and the beasts on our beaches

We have some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. I love walking on the long white sand dunes of the Noordhoek beach. If I manage to get out there by 7am, I get the feeling of being somewhere wild, the sand has been washed by the ocean and no footprints left from the day […]

Unusual travel places to stay

I love exciting adventures. If you are an unusual traveller, then these places will be an awesome experience you will remember. Here is a list of unusual travel places that will transfer you into history, give you an opportunity to sleep under the starts and in the trees or bond with animals and if you […]

10 tips on how to travel easy

In past 40 years I lived in 6 and traveled through 21 countries, then found my home in Cape Town. Within these years of travel I have made many mistakes and learned the hard way. After each trip I made the list of important things to do when traveling more compact. This is my list […]

Paint your face with beauty

As a photographer I am fascinated by faces. Today I spent time thinking about the word “beauty” and came across many quotes on inner beauty, videos on what beauty is, tips how to wear hair and make up. There is a “multi million dollar industry” in the name of the word beauty. Everyone has an […]

Stefan & Anke

City living is what these funky folk are about. I met Stefan many moons ago when his music career was at its birth. Then one day I met Anke, vibrant, bigger then life, she is a child and a mother, a beautiful soul. The two of them have been inseparable since the first days of […]

A day in a life

” I don’t mind if you wanna go anywhere, I’l take you there. We can go if you wanna go anywhere, I’l take you there. Every day the weekend….. I just want you to see everything that I could see, walking in the night sky, I’m always on your side ” – Julia and Angus […]